31 Jul 2015 – Muir College at UCSD

This is John Muir College at University of California, San Diego with a newly remodeled sport field. UCSD had removed the real grass on the field and replaced with synthetic grass in the university’s effort to combat the drought.

30 Jul 2015 – beans in bowl

I am trying a new kind of still life. This is a photography of red beans in a bowl on the ground. The surrounding of the beans a out of focus so you can concentrate of the beans submerged in water. It is in the simplicity of this I hope the texture of the concrete...

29 Jul 2015 – tomato

Homegrown organic tomatoes are for show today.

28 Jul 2015 – another star trails

Since I have enjoyed the first try of taking photos of star trails from my patio so much, I thought I would give it a second round in a week. I hope you will enjoy this as much as I do. In this photo, you can see the stars trace out a circular motion due...

July 26, 2015 – happiness, love, care

This is a photo of great enjoyment for me. I had a chance to capture a baby girl who is smiling as her grandmother kissed her on the head. This is a capture of a moment where happiness is expressed from the love and care of a grandmother.

July 25, 2015 – star gazing

It is a challenge to do stargazing in San Diego with the light pollutions. However, taking photos with long exposure, we can trace out some star trails across the sky of San Diego. Here is my attempt in the patio of my place.

July 24, 2015 – Friday evening

Can smart devices be so distracting? It seems like we invest a huge amount of our daily lives into our smart phones. Where will this lead us for our next generation? I would like to share with you this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=is5W6GxAI3c

July 23, 2015 – UCSD Rady School of Management

Here is a portrait of UCSD Rady School of Management accentuated by the sunset.

July 22, 2015 – portrait of a plant

It is a tricky task to take portrait of a plant, especially to highlight the beauty of that plant.

July 21, 2015 – softball

An evening with softball… It is a healthy activity that builds team work. On my way home from work, I stopped by a community field near my home watch two teams play softball.

July 20, 2015 – juvenile mourning dove

A juvenile mourning dove was learning about human. He/she wasn’t afraid of humans as we walked by him/her while hanging at the balcony.

July 19, 2015 – rain in San Diego

We are thankful for the rain in San Diego over the weekend. It was a refreshing feeling to have the rain.

July 18, 2015 – Pride day

San Diego’s Pride Day this year fell on a rainy day, one of the rainiest day of San Diego. The rain poured heavily but the fun still went on. Everyone had so much joy celebrating diversity of the San Diego community. [g3gs albumnum=”1789″ slidespeed=”5000″ preload=”10″ showinfo=”false” imagecrop=”false” transition=”fade” clicknext=”true” pauseoninteraction=”true” gallerypath=”/g3/”]

July 17, 2015 – Viewpoint

On my way to work, I always pass by this view point but haven’t had the chance to take a photo of a viewer at the view point. Today was a beautiful day and there was someone enjoying the view of La Jolla. This was a perfect opportunity for a great photo. I had to...

July 16, 2015 – freshly baked

Today, I have prepared a homemade bread. This bread started with a sourdough starter (homegrown), 1 cup of all-purpose flour, 1/2 cup of self-rising flour, 1 cup of water. I mixed the dough in the morning and let it rise for 2 hours. After 2 hours, I added 1/4 cup of all-purpose flour and half...

July 15, 2015 – graffiti art at UCSD

On my way home from work, I bike across an area of UCSD where the eucalyptus trees are growing big and in between the trees, the art is constantly changing. The graffiti panels had been put up for a few weeks. From time to time, I would see an artist contribute new graffiti painting, on...

July 14, 2015 – vantage point

Can someone guess this view? Of what is it? And where?

July 13, 2015 – Exercising machines

These exercising machines reside at the UCSD RIMAC Arena. With overexposure, the still life has a dreamy look to it.

July 12, 2015 – gladiolus in pink

Gladiolus flowers come in many different bright colors. One gladiolus is blooming with pink flowers. Taking a macro photo with a flash has helped to enhance the pink in the flower as well as the details in the center of the flower.