On the streets of Chennai, India – Part 5

Walking through a neighborhood of Chennai, I could find similarity to that of walking through a neighborhood in Vietnam. There was a vendor using his bicycle to transport his tea and snack around to sell to people. A man was delivering tanks of propane on this bicycle. People sit around in front of a scrap...

On the streets of Chennai, India – Part 4

I could not have been happier to have arrived in India and walked around along the streets and the neighborhoods of Chennai to have met so many kind and happy people. I know that many of these people are not economically well, but they have a wealth of smiles and happiness that made them so...

On the streets of Chennai, India – Part 3

On the side of the street, one could find small shops selling every items and snacks. You can also find a shop milling grains into flour, or an ironsmith beating and bending bars of iron to make leaf of suspension assembly for trucks. The street of Chennai in the morning was filled with people busy...

On the streets of Chennai, India – Part 2

Walking on the streets of Chennai, I felt a familiarity to that of walking on the streets of Vietnam. The familiarity began with the street vendors to the mode of transportation as well as to the trash collecting vehicle pulled by a bicycle. Like Vietnam, Chennai has textile shops and tailor shops. The difference was...

On the streets of Chennai, India – Part 1

In August, 2015, I was in Chennai, India for work. Time was limited but I had the opportunity to walk around the city, through different neighborhoods. I observed the colorful cultures of the people here, their daily lives, and living conditions. I start part 1 with street vendors and guards to show how colorful India is...

02 Oct 2015 – Cook-a-meal

I volunteered with International Compassion Charities Inc. in a Cook-A-Meal event at the Ronald McDonald House in San Diego to cook and serve meal to families who are staying here to take care of their seriously sick children in Rady Children’s Hospital.

12 Aug 2015 – On a flight from San Diego, CA to Chicago, IL

On my trip to India, the first leg of my flights was from San Diego to Chicago. It was a clear sunny day where I could observe the landscapes of Western and Mid-Western U.S. from the air. As we ascended from the San Diego International Airport, the plane flew along the U.S. – Mexican border. I...

28 Sep 2015 – Group exercising at sunset

With the orange light of the sun and the blueness of the sky, my attempt is to capture the two complimentary colors in this scene.

26 Sep 2015 – Mid-Autumn Festival

Yesterday, the Vietnamese-American community in San Diego celebrated Lunar Mid-Autumn Festival at the Linda Vista Library. It was a celebration of a kid culture, where children can have fun without staring at a screen. For those who I have taken photo of you or your child, please email me at NguyenSan.Photography@gmail.com for a digital copy for...

07 Aug 2015 – Cook-A-Meal @ RMH

International Compassion Charities, Inc. is doing Cook-A-Meal at the Ronal McDonald House on the first Friday of August, 2015.

05 Aug 2015 – simply red

This is an edible fruit of the strawberry fruit tree. (No, it is not a strawberry.)

02 Aug 2015 – Pizza @ Pieology

At Pieology, we can order custom-made pizzas for $8. This is very cheap and enjoyable with great company.