30 Sep 2018 – Musk oxen in Nome, Alaska

I was just in the outskirt of Nome, Alaska when these guys were spotted. They were so calm as they enjoyed the dried grass at the beginning of autumn. Their fur seemed long and soft.

15 March – 11 April 2017 – On R/P FLIP for a scientific experiement

From March 15th to April 11th, 2017, a team of oceanographers at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography were on the R/P FLIP to study and observe Langmuir circulations generated by the wind and waves at the surface of the ocean. Here are some photos to share with you our experience on the R/P FLIP during...

14 Sep 2016 – Panorama Revisited

I took this photo in the Strait of Luzon in 2013 looking at the Island of Bataan and the wake of clouds generated from it. Flows over topography are known to generate turbulence. Thankfully, these clouds allowed us to visualize the turbulence that nature can generate. For size comparison, try to see if you can...

26 Aug 2016 – R/V Sally Ride arriving at SIO

On Friday, Scripps welcomed a new member, R/V Sally Ride, to its fleet of research vessels. The celebration took place at the Scripps Pier. After the pier, R/V Sally Ride left for Nimitz Marine Facility to spent time at its new home.

20 Aug 2016 – Sharing love with the homeless people in San Diego, CA

At InterCompassion Charities, Inc., we dedicate ourselves to share what we can with the less fortunate. This time I was able to print some photos that I took last time and shared them with the homeless people that I photographed. I was very happy that they were happy to see the photos. Here is the...

05 Aug 2016 – Cook-A-Meal

Every first Friday of the month, we, the InterCompassion Charities, Inc., cook meals for families with children of serious illness residing at the Ronald McDonald House.

18 – 28 Jul 2016, Time spent on R/P FLIP

On 18th July, I had the opportunity to spend 10 days with other oceanographers on the Research Platform FLIP  (https://scripps.ucsd.edu/ships/flip) for a test cruise to study the Langmuir circulation and the near-surface processes. Spending time on FLIP is like living in a large tree house in the middle of the ocean. Even though there were large...

16 Jul 2016 – Homeless SD, a close-up

Once again, I joined Inter Compassion Charities group to share food and water with the homeless people in downtown San Diego. I have an opportunity to interact with some of the people that we shared our love with. Here is Bird Man. People called him that name because he likes to feed the birds. I have...

18 Jun 2016 – Homeless people of San Diego

Today, I joined the Inter Compassion Charities group to share food, water, and clothing with the homeless people in downtown San Diego. The experience was rewarding. I was able to interact with these people who live along the sidewalks of the street. They faced and will face many problems including the problem with the city...

16 Apr 2016 – Sharing with the homeless

On Saturday, I joined the InterCompassion Charities Inc. for a morning to share with the homeless in downtown San Diego the food that we prepared. I had a great experience meeting these people. If you have time or resource, please consider joining us or other charities to help out those people who are less fortunate than...

19 Mar 2016 – Sharing the love with the homeless people

On Saturday of March 19th, 2016, the InterCompassion Charities went to downtown San Diego to share some food with the homeless. Some of their encampment has been removed by the city. It is very sad to learn of the news.

05 Mar 2016 – Hiking to Torrey Pines State Park

Please enjoy the view of Torrey Pines State Park in spring time before a rain event.

05 Feb 2016 – Cook-A-Meal @RMH

This is our first 2016 Cook-A-Meal event at the Ronald McDonald House. It was a very fun and meaningful event to celebrate the joy of Lunar New Year with the people here.

01 Jan 2016 – New Year Day Race

We raced in San Diego Bay to celebrate the new year of 2016.

2 Jan 2016 – Wedding ceremony in a church

This is a project in collaborating between NguyenSan Photography and JENNI Photography to photograph Lan & Nick’s Wedding on January 2nd, 2016 at Our Lady of The Sacred Heart Church, San Diego, CA.

20 Dec 2015 – San Diego Parade of Lights of 2015

We are celebrating a festive time of the year in San Diego Bay with a parade of boats decorated with lights in San Diego Bay.

On the streets of Chennai, India – Part 6

Walking through the some neighborhood of Chennai, India, I have learned that the freshest source of water is delivered by trucks because the ground water there is mildly salty. It seemed like the people here are strongly dependent on the fresh water delivered by these trucks.

06 Nov 2015 – Cook-a-meal

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary of the Inter Compassion Charities, Inc. cooking at the Cook-A-Meal event at the Ronald McDonald House in San Diego. It has been a wonderful experience cooking with great friends in the group.